Client Feedback


EMDR to me means hard work with a positive outcome.  Having been to several other counsellors in the past, and never really having much long term success with their methods, I was sceptical about this unknown technique.  However the patient and understanding methodology of my counsellor made me break through some pretty tough walls, and discover a natural happiness that I had long since forgotten existed.  Now I feel that with the skills and coping mechanisms I have learnt I can now move forward and learn from the past not fear it.


Being ex-military, I was hesitant about counselling.  I had tried several types and found them to be ineffective for me, but EMDR was a totally different story.  It took a little while to get used to it as it felt a bit strange to start off with, but over time it proved the results were nothing short of incredible.  EMDR helped to turn traumatic intrusive memories that were almost a daily issue into exactly that – just memories.  Not painful, not intrusive, not linked to situations or smells, just memories.  It took a long while, but the counselling we did along with the EMDR gave me my life back.


Working with EMDR has made a massive difference to my life, in particular helping me deal with traumatic events from the past and panic attacks in the present. Using EMDR, Eric has helped me lay to rest the abuse I suffered as a young child, something other therapists were not able to do. I highly recommend EMDR.


EMDR therapy has helped me to heal my past traumas and enabled me to grow in confidence and feel comfortable being me for the first time ever. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started EMDR therapy, but I have always felt very safe and relaxed during my counselling sessions. For me EMDR has been life changing,  I’m not sure how it works but without a doubt it most definitely does


Through my EMDR sessions, I have been able to reimagine moments of my past as fresh and current situations that I can interact with, so I have been able to alter them as I wish they had always been. At first, I found it incredibly difficult to use my imagination clearly in this way, but I’ve found that this hasn’t affected the longterm outcome. In my experience, EMDR has felt its most powerful in hindsight, as I have come to notice that months after sessions, the experiences just integrate much more deeply and have all become a part of the story of my life that I carry around with me both emotionally and mentally. I’ve always been able to feel a discord between my memories and my imagination, but through EMDR, I have created corrective experiences that hold the same emotional weight as my original painful memories, so I feel that I’m no longer haunted by these unresolved memories. I have joked that EMDR makes me feel like a time-traveller. It’s a creative and expansive experience, and for me, it has given me so much inner peace and resolve.


After almost 50 years of experiencing addictive problems, I was directed towards EMDR.  I must say that initially I did not think there was any hope on the horizon for me, having tried good old ‘will power’ for many years.  I guess I had reached a stage in my life where I thought “what the heck, let’s give it a go.”

I was a complete stranger to the techniques used in EMDR, sometimes even feeling a little silly, watching flashing lights.  But without going into too much detail, one day something clicked, I couldn’t tell you what it was, but the addiction of over 50 years, had lost its power over me.  Being cynical I waited for its return.  It didn’t.


EMDR therapy really worked for me. I felt safe and it helped me to overcome difficulties that I could not put into words easily and that I had struggled with for 35 years.
It was also fun and I shall miss working with Eric.


I just wanted to let you know that I have just become registered again as a theatre nurse!! I know I would never have been able to do this without the EMDR therapy and your expertise!!


Two months ago I struggled to understand my own thought process, suffered with anger and was tackling what I thought was OCD. I had tried everything possible to overcome my day to day challenges, that’s what I thought at least before being introduced to EMDR. I will admit I was very open minded to the thought of this and because of the outcome I would highly recommend this type of therapy to anyone, and ask that any individual that may be a pessimist, to give it a chance. In two months I went from relying on my partner to be on the phone while I checked everything from taps, plug sockets and locking my doors , alongside taking my straighteners to work due to the level of self-doubt, to touching base with the person I used to know. I had reconnected with my old self; someone much calmer, fun and one to live in the moment. The intensive demand to check things reduced and the morning after my fourth session I left my house without my straighteners!


I have just completed a course of EMDR. Not only has it helped me to overcome anxiety attacks , it also allowed me to gently unearth and find healing from the effects of a deep seated, unresolved grief.

I am so grateful to my therapist for leading me through this process with such skill, gentleness and encouragement.  I would definitely recommend EMDR.


I was very pessimistic about the therapy at first but I found it helped a great deal when I bought into it. I am nicely surprised by the progress I made. The whole process helped me a great deal


When we discussed EMDR I must admit that I was a bit sceptical but was also willing to give it a go as I knew this would be a quicker way of helping me to deal with the trauma.  As the sessions went on I did think “I’m not sure about this” but then I really started to feel the benefit and the more I relaxed into it the more I got out of it. Now as I look back I feel that I am definitely better equipped to deal with my past trauma and that memories are a pleasure to look back on rather than unbelievably painful.


After a very traumatic birth and being a bit worried about trying EMDR, I found it a great help. From feeling I would never be able to cope with life, to now really enjoying it again and my new family. I would definitely recommend it

Miss Blake

I really benefited from EMDR… I’m happier, calmer & less stressed


Remembering forgotten childhood hurt with EMDR was remarkably easy and painless. Once remembered, my feelings of vulnerability associated with the bad memories just disappeared. The effect has been so profound I now feel I’m somebody else


I can and do highly recommend the bereavement counselling that Eric provided me after the stillbirth of my son Harvey at full term, the process of EMDR has really helped me to deal with all of the painful memories of the event and I am left being able to talk and think about the event without getting over emotional.  I feel much more at peace with what has happened and able to move forward.


Before I became referred to Sonya for the treatment of my anger/depression I thought there would be no therapy which would help. EMDR was suggested (by my G.P.) and I felt apprehensive at first.  I then proceeded with the therapy and couldn’t believe the difference in the way I felt and the speed at which I could process my troubles and fears.  I could recommend this to anyone who has similar or the same problems.


EMDR has made such a huge difference to my life. it helped me make sense and understand some very painful memories, it also changed the way I saw some disturbing images almost replacing them with much more positive ones. I only wish I had known about EMDR sooner as it has put to rest a lot of demons and given me a much clearer future.


Having been through lots of counselling over many years, I wasn’t sure whether I would benefit from those recommended by the Children’s Centre.  I was pleasantly surprised when my counselling didn’t focus/blame my marriage, as previous counselling had.  It focused on my past and introduced EMDR, which I had never heard of. I can seriously say that this treatment has refocused my mind, I now go into situations full of confidence which previously I would have shied away from.  My confidence has vastly improved and has already been recognised by colleagues at work.  I would highly recommend EMDR to anyone.

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